Sun Smart Policy

Skin cancer is a preventable disease. As Australia has a high rate of skin cancer, Gracedale Park Tennis Club is looking to implement a range of strategies to help reduce the likelihood of developing skin cancer in its members.


The club will maximise the use of natural shade provided by buildings, trees and other structures.

The club will provide shade structures for spectator seating.

The club will continue to provide shaded areas for outdoor entertaining areas.


The club will promote officials’ and referees’ use of sun protective clothing.

This should include:

shirts or tops with long sleeves and a collar

wide brimmed or Legionnaires hats


The club will encourage players and coaches to wear tops with sleeves and collars

The club will encourage players and coaches to wear hats whilst on the courts


SPF 30+ sunscreens will be promoted or provided by the club.

Prior to training or playing in peak UV periods, players and participants will be encouraged to apply sunscreen to exposed parts of the body.


The SunSmart policy will be made available on the club’s website.

The club will incorporate a positive SunSmart message for daytime event information.

Club officials will act as suitable SunSmart role models.


Competition play is to stop when the temperature reaches 34 degrees Celsius at the start of play, or any time thereafter, at the option of players. Per ERTA by-law: 13 (a) iii

This sun protective policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that the document remains current and practical to the club’s requirements.